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What distinguishes us is an individual approach to each client, defining their needs, as well as developing long-term procedures and assumptions for their business activities.

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Who we are

We provide legal solutions that guarantee the security of legal transactions

Law firm provides comprehensive legal advice for business, providing its clients with legal solutions that guarantee the security of legal transactions as well as ensuring efficient and reliable legal services.

It is important for us to solve our clients’ problems as quickly and effectively as possible, but most importantly, we ensure constant legal security of the solutions undertaken by our clients.

For their safety, we develop restructuring and optimization plans and ensure that the concluded commercial contracts give us a maximum sense of security.

The KRS Kancelaria provides legal services to enterprises, including enterprises with foreign capital. The lawyers employed at the law firm work not only in English, but also in German and Spanish.

We pay special attention to the preparation of contracts
– we write them not only for good,
but especially for bad times.

– Patrycja Kaźmierczak-Kapuścińska

The law firm also provides services to an international diagonal holding covering entities belonging to various economic branches. Currently, the law firm provides services to 5 business entities with foreign capital.

The law firm is not a multi-industry entity. He specializes in servicing business entities, their restructuring (including transformations, spin-offs, mergers) and introducing tax optimizations to enterprises.

The law firm also works for companies from the construction industry, including providing legal services to two developers, one of them operating on the nationwide market, the other operating in the European Union.

The potential knowledge and experience of the law firm’s team of lawyers enable the implementation of construction projects requiring specialized legal assistance and knowledge of market and business conditions in this area. Currently, the law firm provides services to 14 entities from the construction industry.

Selected projects that we have implemented

  • Carrying out the process of merging capital companies from the alcoholic beverages trade.
  • Conducting merger processes of capital companies from the textile trade play-offs. As a result of the actions taken, companies with foreign capital led to the consolidation of their operations.
  • Restructuring of entrepreneurs running a sole proprietorship by establishing a limited partnership or a limited liability company. As a result of the process and additional activities, the client limited the risk of running a business while maintaining the preferred form of taxation.
  • Carrying out the process of reorganizing the client’s assets from the automotive services industry by separating an organized part of the enterprise and contributing it to another company. The activities carried out led to the organization of the structure of the owned companies.
  • Conducting the process of merging a capital company with a partnership. As part of the merger, capital worth EUR 25,000,000 was transferred, and the share capital of the acquiring company was significantly increased. As a result of the process, the image and position of the acquiring company were strengthened.
  • Conducting a contribution of assets worth EUR 11,500,000 to a company based in another European Union country.
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  • Separating an Organized Part of the Client’s Enterprise and making a contribution in kind of this part of the enterprise to a company based in another European Union country.

  • Consulting and supervision over the transaction of acquiring all rights and obligations in a partnership from the medical industry, as well as changes to the partnership agreement. As a result of the actions taken, the Client acquired an enterprise operating efficiently on the market.
  • Consulting and planning the structure of legal succession in the event of death and other random events of a client running a sole proprietorship and also a participant in commercial law companies. As part of the actions taken, the Client consciously planned the transfer of assets to his legal successors.
  • Representing the client in court proceedings related to the settlement of the company’s assets worth PLN 8,000,000, as a result of a partner’s action.
  • Representing the client in court proceedings related to the settlement of the company’s assets worth PLN 80,000,000, as a result of a partner’s action.

KRS Kancelaria

Partner Kancelaria

KRS Kancelaria is a partner of the Portuguese Law firm Jorge Neto & Advogados, one of the most prestigious Law firms in Portugal. The Law firm has offices in Lisbon, Porto and Lousada and an experienced team of lawyers specializing in all branches of law.

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