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Liquidation of companies - an efficient process with the support of a renowned law firm

The decision to terminate the business activity of the Company obliges the Management Board or the Company’s Shareholders to undertake numerous activities related to the liquidation proceedings. Thanks to its experience, KRS Kancelaria simplifies the entire process to make it as efficient as possible.

The company liquidation process includes in particular:

  • adoption of resolutions by the Shareholders and the Management Board,
  • selecting a liquidator,
  • reporting to the registry court and administrative authorities,
  • notifying contractors,
  • dismissal of employees, notice or termination of contracts,
  • completing and transferring employee and accounting documentation to the archives,
  • submitting liquidation reports.

Liquidation of a company is a complex process that requires thorough planning. Kancelaria meets the needs of entities planning to end their business activity, in this respect it provides comprehensive legal services, starting from the stage of preparing the company for liquidation, through supervision and advice during the actual liquidation proceedings, up to the completion of the liquidation proceedings and deletion of the company from the register.

At the stage preceding the opening of the Company’s liquidation, Kancelaria examines the legal and financial situation of the Company. In this phase, Kancelaria also takes into account the tax aspects of liquidation, as their assessment is one of the key elements for the planning stage of liquidation activities. Based on the analysis, Kancelaria prepares a report with a recommended plan for carrying out the liquidation process.

How can we help with the liquidation of a company?

The next stage includes the formal opening of liquidation. In this respect, Kancelaria prepares documents, minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings, resolutions of Shareholders on the dissolution of the Company and the appointment of liquidators of the Company. . In this respect, Kancelaria also designates persons acting as the Company’s liquidators. Kancelaria also reports the opening of liquidation to the registry court and state administration authorities, representing the company before these entities. It also publishes announcements about the opening of liquidation in the required official publication.

At the stage of the actual liquidation proceedings, Kancelaria supervises and controls the proper course of liquidation, or alternatively conducts the entire process by providing the services of a liquidator. As part of these activities, Kancelaria represents the Company and undertakes activities in the field of terminating employment contracts, terminating commercial contracts, collecting receivables, selling the Company’s assets and regulating its civil and public law obligations.

Kancelaria also ensures that the personnel and financial documentation collected by the Company is transferred to the archives in accordance with applicable regulations. When acting as a liquidator, he also sells the company’s assets and transfers the rented premises. During the liquidation stage, the partners receive monthly reports on the liquidation process.

The final stage of liquidation includes convening meetings or meetings of Shareholders to approve the report on the liquidation process and the division of the Company’s assets. These resolutions are submitted to the registry court with a request to delete the Company, as well as to the relevant administrative authorities.

During the entire liquidation process, Kancelaria cooperates with a notary, accounting offices, archives and renovation teams, which allows the liquidation process to be carried out efficiently without involving the Partners.


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